Launching the first over-the-counter birth control in the USA with a bold and colorful website design and digital brand guidelines.


Over 19 million women in the US are in need of contraception yet lack reasonable access, creating barriers to control their own sexual health. In 2023, Perrigo secured FDA approval for Opill, the first over-the-counter birth control pill available in the US. To make Opill truly accessible, we needed to drive awareness of its safety and efficacy, and build a digital hub complete with a user-friendly ecommerce platform for nationwide access. 


We built a channel that positions Opill as birth control “your way” and underscores the ease of accessing and managing safe and effective birth control. The easy-to-navigate direct-to-consumer purchasing flow and accompanying healthcare practitioner website promote trust and credibility, while driving conversion and loyalty.

With history being made, we wanted the digital branding and web design to feel bold, confident, and focus on individual needs. We made a flexible UI kit and digital brand guidelines with a focus on engaging the audience and making birth control easy to understand and access. 

Website design, UI kit, Digital branding

Design & Art Direction

Part of the Opill team at GALE Partners

A custom icon set was designed along with establishing an illustration style.