Using product design processes and system building to grow Chipotle’s loyalty and CRM program; making rewards members feel more known and valued through data-driven brand content and offers.

In order to make Chipotle’s CRM content more relevant to its audience, we built a flexible and modular creative system and integrated consumer data to deliver impactful brand stories and personalized offers at scale. We put this system to work in customer email journeys to spark behaviors, including a welcome journey, defection, growth, reactivate, and maintain. We also used this system for ad hoc and tentpole emails for national campaigns, offers, and product launches. In under a year, we helped to drive Chipotle the number of rewards members from 8 million to over 15 million people. This facilitated the increase of digital sales by over 40%, and increased the rewards program percentage of overall sales from 21% to over 34%.

CLIENT: Chipotle Mexican Grill

DATE: 2020

ROLE: designer, digital marketing & app UI

COLLABORATION: Part of the Chipotle team at GALE Partners