TEDxToronto 10 year Anniversary

Bringing the identity of the TEDxToronto 10th year anniversary to centre stage for 2018.

As the Creative Director for the 10th anniversary conference for Canada’s largest TEDx event, I led and managed a team of designers to bring the 2018 TEDxToronto conference to life. This included the creative for logo and idenity design for the theme, all social channel graphics, website graphics, PR and advertising, the program booklet, all miscillaneous print collateral and merch for conference day, as well as the design of the space itself.


WEBSITE: tedxtoronto.com

DATE: October 26, 2018

SERVICES: Creative Direction & Design Of Event

TEAM: David Nuff, Veronika Radeva, Stuart Thursby, Pallavi Thampi

2019 Theme: Identity

Identity is unique to each individual. It is inherited, created, and searched for. It can develop over a lifetime and be passed on to many generations. People fiercely defend them but they are also very delicate. Today, our identities have never been easier to be shared and celebrated with the world, but our identities have also never been in more danger of being taken and scrutinized.

In the 10th anniversary of TEDxToronto, we are reflecting on, and exploring what defines us all. How do we discover, create and protect the thing that makes us who we are? Because in order to understand our place in the world, we must first understand ourselves.

The logo for Identity is based around an X. This choice was made to not only symbolize TEDx, but to represent Toronto’s 10th year, as X is the Roman numeral for 10.

Personal and collective identities also manifest tenfold, layering and building on experiences thatform and shape new perspectives. We felt that using a holographic texture – constantly shifting and in flux – was therefore perfectly appropriate in all our design collateral. In addition, the main identity X symbol is made of 10 lines, growing with each layer, as we ourselves grow throughout our lives.