All Day Fit

Building a brand identity and website that embodies the strength and vibrancy of the All Day Fit community.

All Day Fit is a wellness company founded in 2016 by personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, and all-around powerhouse, Cassie Day. Whether it’s personal training, group bootcamps or a meal plan, the All Day fit crew helps you realize your strength and learn to love your body. I worked with Cassie in order to first develop a strong brand strategy in order to build the foundation for the identity and other collateral.

CLIENT: All Day Fit


DATE: 2016–2019

SERVICES: Creative Direction and Design: Brand Identity, Graphic, Web, Digital Marketing, Merch

All About the Branding

The All Day Fit logo is modern, clean, and strong, expressing the positive and energetic personality of the brand through color. The block around “DAY” emphasizes the connection to Cassie Day, the founder, and to the mantra of living healthy and making wellness an everyday ritual and habit. The logo represents the building blocks and the strong foundation that All Day Fit clients develop.

The All Day fit website is where the community really shines. Using photography from classes and events along side the bold and clean brand colors allows a visitor gets an immediate sense of the tone and feel of what the brand represents.

I also worked with All Day Fit to develop and create social media and marketing materials, making sure that the integrity of the brand stays strong across all channels.