Becker Professional Education

Revitalizing a mature brand to breathe new life into the way CPA students study for their exams, and continue their education through CPE offerings.

With more than 60 years of experience, Becker provides study courses and continuing education products for aspiring Certified Professional Accountants, giving them the best study materials and support in order for them to successfully gain their credentials. GALE worked to rebrand and reposition Becker from being perceived as the expensive and old-fashioned option, to become the #1 CPA prep and continuing education partner for CPAs in America. This included a new brand identity and toolkit, a website redesign, and revitalized communication pieces and marketing to establish Becker as a forward-thinking and modern brand.

CLIENT:Becker Professional Education

DATE: 2019

ROLE: designer digital & print brand/marketing materials

COLLABORATION: Part of the Becker brand team at GALE Partners