Transform Vistaprint into an iconic brand through a unique and unforgettable customer experience.


Attract new customer groups and unlock growth. Establish an Experience Vision for and help drive the strategy and roadmap for a site launch in June 2021.


  • Primary target audiences are small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with 1-9 employees
  • Key products include business cards, signs, banners, brochures, and other promotional marketing materials
  • Having 800+ global designers is a key differentiator: we can expand more into design services and digital products

Opportunity Areas:
Design a more relevant and improved customer service = an audience-focused customer experience. Design is difficult, but Vistaprint is not the easiest to navigate and use due to the huge abundance of possible products and templates, to an unintuitive design centre (especially for noon-designers).

We explored two possible customer journeys. Customer Journey 1 for a small business just starting out and Customer Journey 2 is for a medium-sized and more established business. The main goal is for the experience with Vistaprint to be accessible, frictionless, and fun.

The Solution

At the end of exploring these two customer journeys, we had developed and designed the beginnings of an experience that was focused and directly relevant to the types of small and medium business owners that frequently use Vistaprint’s services. The journey’s allowed for a more intuitive and flexible experience for those who often find marketing for their businesses overwhelming and out of their expertise. This positions Vistaprint as a partner to these SBOs for all marketing needs – from logo design to print material packages, vs just a discount business card provider, and allows them to continue to build their businesses and services as a design and print expert centre.