PUR Gum & Mints

Since its launch in 2010, The PUR Company Inc. has undergone a packaging refresh with the goal of unifying the brand’s look and feel among all current and future product innovations, to strengthen brand awareness and consistency. The small in-house design team tackled this project from its conception into the phases of pre-press, production, to trade marketing and beyond. The result was a newly refreshed package line-up, designed with every detail in mind, to reflect PUR’s naturally sweet qualities. Principles of design simplicity were used to embody PUR’s core brand values of omitting unnecessary additives, reflected in both its product ingredient lists and package designs.
The result is a collection of packaging that not only stands out in the natural confectionery category, but that also actively competes with mainstream brand names in the checkout aisle. With a bold color palette and a distinct abundance of white space, PUR Gum and PUR Mints have become instantly recognizable and approachable. The design time looked at the product’s packaging holistically, taking into consideration how the product would look when incorporated into marketing materials and in-store merchandising displays. Designed to be displayed in an eye-catching rainbow sequence, each flavor of gum and mints is married to its own distinct color and subtly integrated pattern. The gum packs also have a special feature, integrating their patterns with a unique UV spot gloss creating a tactile feel and prompting greater interaction users without sacrificing white space on a limited canvas. PUR has also “led the pack” in terms of innovative packaging formats with the flexible and resealable gum bags and pocket-friendly resealable mint pouches, creating better value and practicality for consumers. Ultimately, every design element, from how the product is displayed as a whole to the micro nuanced details, is intended to grab a customer’s attention and convert curiosity into consumption.

One of the biggest challenges involved in this project was the simultaneous deadlines facing both the packaging redesign and the launch of “The PUR Company Inc.” as the official umbrella brand. The launch of the new corporate company meant that new branding and marketing materials, the website, and the new packaging needed to be ready on the same date. In addition, two new PUR Gum flavors were also announced at the same time, bringing the PUR product family up to 8 flavors of gum, 5 flavors of mints, and 3 varying packaging formats. Project management within the creative team and strong internal communication became factors that were imperative to securing all the moving pieces prior to the deadlines.

Overall, PUR’s unique product, combined with thoughtful and unique package design, has disrupted both the confectionery and natural product categories. The design of these packages act as a foundation and guide as PUR expands into other product lines and markets, perpetually strengthening the brand as a whole. As a result, PUR Gum and PUR Mints have become the #1 selling aspartame-free gum and mints on the market worldwide.

All design concepts and development was done in collaboration with Dalia Haimen, Creative Manager at PUR, and was supported by the rest of PUR’s marketing team.

ClientThe PUR CompanyServicesPackaging, Marketing Materials, Ad Design, Print Design, Web DesignYear2015 - PresentLinkwww.thepurcompany.com