TEDxToronto is Canada’s largest TEDx event, a platform for exceptional ideas, and a catalyst for profound change.

On October 22, 2016, 1000 attendees, volunteers, speakers, and performers gathered together at Koerner Hall to be inspired. The 2016 conference paid homage to our vibrant city and its communities. It focused on new ways in which we communicate, innovate and problem-solve through the theme, Symbols + Signals. Four performances, 12 speakers, and two tech demos left the audience in awe as we explored topics including rehabilitation science, female sexuality, the future of transportation and the meaning of names.

As the Principal Designer of the marketing and design team responsible for designing all the branded and marketing materials, print and web, for the 2016 TEDxToronto conference. The theme Symbols + Signals was creatively conceptualized and executed across all digital and print platforms by myself and a very small marketing and design team.

The theme was interpreted through a collection of icons illustrating the five stages of Ideas Worth Spreading: STOP, LISTEN, THINK, SHARE and ACT. Icons and symbols act as a vocabulary we can all interpret, representing signals and eliciting actions, and continue to play a major role in the development of human communication.


WEBSITE: tedxtoronto.com

DATE: October 27, 2016

SERVICES: Lead designer – Brand Identity, Event Design, Marketing

COLLAB: Dalia Haimen, Kseninja Gogic, Christian Bortey