Cassie Day | All Day Fit

Cassie Day’s branding is expressive, colorful and modern. Cassie wanted a brand that represented both her bold personality and strength in femininity. The strong uppercase “CASSIE DAY” implies strength, while the handwritten “all day fit” gives a human and personalized touch. This cursive use is symbolic of the act of writing down goals, making plans and schedules, and the human element of having a personal trainer or wellness coach. It is welcoming and inviting, and there is no symbol to distract from the main feature: Cassie. The “paint stroke” accent is dynamic and implies movement and energy. This accent element is also representative of the idea of “blood, sweat and tears” and the general passion and hard work that goes into living a complete and healthy lifestyle.

ClientCassie Day | All Day FitServicesComplete Branding, Web Design, Social Media, Print